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How to use a bitcoin gift to transfer Bitcoin without commission

Bitcoin gift Bitzlato
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Bitcoin gift allows you to send bitcoins between Bitzlato users around the world without commission. By using a gift you can send not only bitcoins, but also other cryptocurrencies available on Bitzlato. In this article we will show you how to transfer bitcoins in the web-version and in the @BTC_CHANGE_BOT. There is a separate telegram bot for each cryptocurrency. And in the web-version, you can select a withdrawal wallet for the cryptocurrency you are interested in.

Taking an analogy of a bank check when a bank customer writes a check to another person and indicates the amount. The recipient comes to the bank and changes the check for money: the amount of the check is debited from the sender’s account and issued in cash to the recipient. Bitcoin gift works in a similar way. Bitzlato user selects cryptocurrency, specifies the amount and creates a gift. It is a link or QR code that can be sent or printed and handed over to the recipient personally. When a Bitcoin gift is created, the specified amount of Bitcoin is frozen in the sender’s account. Unfreezing occurs when the gift is cashed by the recipient or canceled by the sender.

In the telegram-bot the link looks like this:
In the web-version:

For what purposes is bitcoin gift suitable

The main difference between a bitcoin gift and a regular transfer is the absence of payment of network fees. Therefore, it is ideal for cases when you need to transfer cryptocurrency funds to another person quickly and without commission. Examples of situations in which it is best to use a bitcoin gift:

Transfer of cryptocurrency funds. For example, you want to send a present to a friend or colleague, lend or repay a debt. Then you can create a bitcoin gift for the amount of the present or the amount of debt and send him a gift. He will only have to confirm that he received it and the bitcoins will be in his account.

Payment to contractors and employees. On many freelance exchanges, you can negotiate with a contractor to pay for his services in cryptocurrency. With the help of a bitcoin gift, you can instantly and without commission pay, for example, for the design of a website, setting up advertising or developing a telegram bot. If you have a blockchain startup and you pay employees salary in cryptocurrency, then you can agree with them to create accounts in Bitzlato and transfer their salaries instantly and without delay.

Attracting new referrals. If you are willing to spend a small amount of funds on attracting referrals, then you can create bitcoin gifts for small amounts and distribute them to unregistered users. Users who register on Bitzlato using your Bitcoin gifts become your referrals. They will receive a personal welcome bonus from you in the form of a gift, and you will receive a percentage of their commissions on transactions. A link to a bitcoin gift can be posted on any sites where discussions on cryptocurrency are held and where it is not prohibited by the rules: on forums, discussions on social networks, in the comments to articles.

The exchange of bitcoin gifts as part of a transaction on the Bitzlato platform is a gross violation of the user agreement. By using gifts as part of a transaction, you risk losing your funds, the technical support of the platform will not be able to help you.

How to transfer a bitcoin gift


1.In the «Wallet» tab, select the «Gifts» tab.

Gifts tab

2. In the «Gifts» tab, select the withdrawal wallet, currency and write the exact amount.

Choose waller, currency and amount

3. Click on the «Create gift» button. The system will create a receipt in the form of links or QR codes.

Create Gift Button

4. Send a link or QR code to another Bitzlato user. You can choose which link to use — for the web-version or the telegram-bot.

Choose web-version or telegrab-bot version

5. By clicking on the link or QR code, the recipient enters the Bitzlato platform, and the gift funds are credited to his wallet.


1. In the bot menu, click on the «Wallet» button.

Wallet button

2. Press the button in the bot message «BTC gift».

BTC gift button

3. Select the currency in which it is more convenient for you to write the amount. If you write the amount in rubles, the system will create a gift for the amount of bitcoins equivalent to this amount at the current exchange rate.

Select a currency menu

4. In the message, write the exact amount in the selected currency and click on the button for sending the message.

Write amount of BTC on a check

5. In response, the bot will send links and a QR code for the recipient. You can choose which link to use — for the web-version or the telegram-bot.

BTC checks for web-version and telegram-version

6. Send a link or QR code to another Bitzlato user.

7. By clicking on the link or QR code, the recipient enters the Bitzlato platform, and the gift funds are credited to his wallet.

8. When the recipient cashes the gift, the bot will send a message indicating the recipient’s USERNAME and the amount.

Recipient cashed check

Bitcoin gift for web-version and telegram-version are different. If you created a gift for the web-version, the recipient will go to the Bitzlato website, if for the telegram-bot, then to @BTC_CHANGE_BOT.

How to get bitcoins from a gift

If the recipient does not have a Bitlzato account, they will need to register. After clicking on the link of your bitcoin gift, it automatically becomes your referral in all platform services. You will receive a reward of up to 90% of the commission on all referral transactions. You can read more about the referral program in the knowledge base.

If you have been sent a bitcoin gift, then to receive bitcoins you need to follow the link or QR code. You can get one of two links — either the link to the web-version, or to the telegram-bot:

  • If you received a link to the web-version, then in order to receive bitcoins from a gift, you need to log into your account or register it.
  • If you received a link to the telegram-bot, the link will lead you to your Telegram. Press «START» and funds from the gift will go to your wallet. The message from the bot will indicate the sender’s nickname and the amount of funds from the gift.
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