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Bitzlato platform for P2P traders

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P2P trader – is a person who buys and sells cryptocurrency on p2p platforms in order to make profit.

Benefits of traiding on Bitzlato

0% commission for Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Dogecoin, USDT

API documentation for trade automation

Free withdrawal vouchers

Example of profitable trading in a P2P exchange

A P2P trader purchases cryptocurrency or stablecoins: in bulk from miners, in offline exchangers, on stock exchanges, and from other Bitzlato users.
Перевести сумму
Transferres to the Bitzlato wallet the entire amount or the part that is ready be sold to sell.


Создал объявление
Creates an advertisement for the sale of cryptocurrency or stable coins in rubles or dollars and set limits and other parameters through a bank or payment system.


Проследил за курсом
Tracks the exchange rates and market situation and adjust the price


Получил предложение
Receives a purchase offer from user Bitzlato.


Оценил историю
Evaluates the history of transactions, reviews, customer verification.


Получил перевод
Receives a transfer of rubles or dollars to a bank account or payment system.


Подтвердил получение
Confirms the receipt of money.


Оставил отзыв
Has left a review about the buyer and is ready for the next profitable trade.

What differentiate a P2P trader?


– Responds to buy and sell ads in a p2p exchanger

– Sells or buys cryptocurrency as needed

– Usually not up to date on platform stocks and news

Stock trader

– Trades only on exchanges

– Earns on the differences in cryptocurrency rates using
technical analysis for trading

– Depends on jumps in the rate of cryptocurrencies

– Follows the news on the cryptocurrency market

P2P trader

– Creates advertisements for buying or selling in a p2p exchanger

– Trades in spare time and makes money on the difference in rates between payment systems and banks

– Uses the web version, telegram bot and API

– Follows Bitzlato news and promotions

Unique conditions for trading from a P2P exchange

Комиссия 0%
Commission 0%
For trading Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Dogecoin, Tether USD

Cryptocurrency concreting

Instant fixation of the purchased cryptocurrency in USDT
Weekends and holidays
0% commission for trading Bitcoin and Ethereum
Trading on a smartphone
The ability to trade through a bot in Telegram
Free withdrawal vouchers
Every Wednesday, a voucher is awarded for a completed transaction
API documentation
Automate and simplify trading with the Bitzlato service
Change cryptocurrency quickly for rubles and make money on it
Обмен криптовалюты
Бесплатная регистрация
Registration takes only a few minutes

– 0% commission for Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Dogecoin, USDT

– API documentation for trade automation

– Free withdrawal vouchers

Trade cryptocurrency through telegram bots

Bitcoin Cash


Tether USD
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