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Top 9 tools you haven’t used in Bitzlato yet

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If you use the platform, then you know for sure that here you can exchange cryptocurrency, trade on the stock exchange, or simply find out the current rate. If you are a miner, then you still use wallets for storage. In this article, we tell you what other tools are available on our platform, what they are for and how to use them.

Bitcoin check

It allows bitcoin to be sent between Bitzlato users around the world. The main difference from a regular transfer is the absence of a commission. This is possible because the bitcoin check is transmitted within the service and the transaction does not go to the blockchain. The user creates a check for the selected amount in the form of a QR code or link and sends this link to another user.
In the Telegram version, the link looks like this:


By clicking on this link or QR code, the recipient goes to the Bitzlato platform, and the check funds are credited to his wallet. Usually bitcoin check is used when you need to send bitcoins without commission. For example, to make a gift to friends or colleagues. Or if you pay your salary in bitcoins, the easiest way to transfer your money is by bitcoin check.

In addition to the bitcoin check, the user has access to checks for all cryptocurrencies of the service: Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, USDT, Monolith RUB.


Educational courses

Bitzlato has a separate section where all user processes are sorted out. The course consists of video lessons up to 5 minutes long. The lessons are divided into 2 sections:

1. For a beginner. You can learn to use all the functions of a p2p exchanger from scratch.

2. For users. You will learn the dispute resolution mechanics, most popular fraud methods, how to pass verification and how to trade by ad.

Educational courses

After each video lesson, there is a test to consolidate the knowledge gained. In the future, the course of the P2P exchanger trader will appear on the educational platform.

If you want to get acquainted with the work of Bitzlato and begin to better understand the mechanics of p2p trading, proceed to educational courses.


This feature allows the user to convert cryptocurrencies into Tether USDT and Monolith RUBM stable coins. Conversion takes place at the Bitzlato exchange rate.

With the help of concreting, the user preserves his assets and protects them from fluctuations in the cryptocurrency rate. This is useful in cases where a person knows that for a certain time he will not be able to make an exchange and react to changes in the exchange rate.


For example, a user is on vacation and has 0.01 BTC in his wallet. At the same time, the bitcoin rate began to rise sharply and is already worth $ 9,000. A person wants to sell it at this price, because he is afraid that the price will go down. But he will only be able to do this in a week. In this case, the concreting function allows you to convert Bitcoin to USDT with the click of a button and sell it later at the desired rate.


Concreting provides other, less obvious earning opportunities. For example, a user thinks that the bitcoin rate will fall from $ 9000 to $ 8000. He concretes 1 BTC at the current rate, and after the fall, he will concretize, receiving 1.125 BTC.

Two-factor authentication

This is an account protection method in which the user must enter an additional password to enter the site. In the web version, an additional password will be sent to the application on the smartphone every time you enter the site. In the telegram bot, the user will need to enter an additional cloud password each time they log in from a new device. The need to enter an additional password protects the account holder from cryptocurrency theft.

For example, as a result of the leaked mail database, attackers receive a login and password from the user’s Bitzlato account and can steal all funds from the wallet. With two-factor authentication enabled, these data will not be enough – they will also have to gain access to the personal phone of the account owner, which is almost impossible to do.

Withdrawal vouchers

They allow the user to withdraw or transfer funds from their Bitzlato account to any wallet without commission. To receive a voucher, you need to make at least one transaction on the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency on the Bitzlato P2P exchange on Wednesday. The amount and currency of the transaction does not matter. The trade must be closed between 00:00:01 and 23:59:59 UTC on any Wednesday. That is, if you are in Moscow, then the transaction must be completed before 20:59. The voucher will be credited automatically within the next calendar day.

Withdrawal vouchers

Demo exchange account

With this tool, the user can safely test all the trading opportunities on the Bitzlato exchange. The only difference from a real account is that in demo mode the account balance has already been replenished. Otherwise, all the functionality repeats the real account of the Bitzlato exchange.

Demo mode is useful for both novice users and experienced investors. New users can quickly navigate the interface and, in practice, learn the basics of trading on a cryptocurrency exchange without the risk of losing cryptocurrency funds. Experienced investors can test new trading strategies or innovations before applying in live trading.


24/7 support

Support staff are always ready to answer any questions related to using the Bitzlato platform or help in resolving disputes. For example, a user ran into a problem: the concreting function does not work at 3 am. In this case, a support employee will be happy to help resolve this issue and save bitcoins.

In case the user is faced with fraud, the support appoints an arbitrator to resolve disputes. The arbitrator communicates with the parties to the transaction, requests the necessary information from them and makes a decision on the transaction. As a rule, disputes are resolved within 24 hours from the moment of opening.

Please note that support staff never write to the user first!

How to contact customer support:

1. Write to telegram bot @HELP_BITZLATO_BOT
2. Fill out an application at: https://support.bitzlato.com/
3. During the transaction, click on the “Start dispute” button. Please note that only the buyer can open a dispute. The dispute must be opened no later than 2 hours after the opening of the transaction.

Payment gateway

BitzlatoPay allows businesses to accept payments in cryptocurrency. When paying through a gateway, the transaction occurs instantly, and the funds are immediately credited to the wallet balance. The client pays without commissions.

The client can make a payment with BitzlatoPay in any way convenient for him: on the website, in a mobile application, via a link in a messenger or an email. Registering a new wallet is free and takes a few minutes. For payment, the client does not need to have cryptocurrency on the account. Through the integrated P2P exchanger, you can purchase cryptocurrency using any of 76 available payment methods, including: Sberbank, QIWI, Yandex Money and others.

Our manager will contact you shortly and answer all your questions.

Learn more about the BitzlatoPay features:

Integration of trading bots via API

We have developed API documentation that allows you to customize and simplify the automation of working with the service. With its help, the user can automate interaction with Bitzlato or set up data exchange with his resources. First of all, the API documentation is useful for traders who use trading bots to make automatic trades.

All documentation is available in Russian. The documentation page contains:

  1. Instructions for using the API.
  2. Examples of using.
  3. Description documents.

If you are already using the Bitzlato API, you will need to update your API tokens. To get new access to the API, follow the steps:

  1. Log in as your user on the page bitzlato.com/p2p
  2. Open the “Personal Account” menu and go to the “Security” tab.
  3. Mandatory condition – enable two-factor authentication in your personal account.
  4. Click on “API Management”.
  5. Click “Generate a new key”.
  6. Save the user’s private key to yourself. If you have lost the secret key, then you need to generate a new one.
  7. To save the public key on the server, click “Send the public key to the server”. If the key is not sent to the server, it will not work.

For more details go to the API documentation page:

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